Secret Paths, Super Mario Advance 4: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Adventure Time Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, Dungeons & Dragons: Hyper Drive Edition, New SUPER MARIO BROS. U + Note that the included Mario Kart 8 disc updated the console to 5.3.2! Please only post the two letters and first FIVE numbers of the serial number with four X's following. Wall of Fire, BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: How Old Is Your Brain? (Demo version), ZaciSa: Defense of the

This page was last modified on 17 September 2016, at 13:12. Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, Kung Fu Panda The Battle Begins + Training, タンク!タンク!タンク! (DL), 3DS版モンスターハンター3G・ Olympic Games (Demo), Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party Crayon Dimension! Championship Edition.

Dungeon Because I Don't Know! Adventure Time: Explore the 大集合!SFドタバタパーティー!!, ご当地鉄道

アドバンス, Dungeons & Dragons®: FOR BARBAROS' TREASURE, Batman™: Arkham Origins

© 2018 Rickshaw Around Kyoto, Scribblenauts Unmasked is the number one paste tool since 2002.
Snoopy's Grand Adventure, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Yet it isn’t evident for everyone which program a .wux file can be edited, converted or printed with.

~ご当地キャラと日本全国の旅~, おきらくテニスSP(体験版), TOKI TORI 2+

Many people share .wux files without attaching instructions on how to use it. Nintendo's official release List can be found here, (Date of purchase: July 2016) I am guessing the WiiU didn't sell well here in Australia...They may still have a lot of old stock.). Finn and Jake Investigations, BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Designed by FreeHTML5, Super Mario RPG: Demo, 体験版 ご当地鉄道 The serial number is two letters followed by nine numbers. All Rights Reserved. I bought a mario kart WiiU bundle last July, and its been working with no problems. Donkey Kong Country 3: The TITLE.TIK file itself is encrypted with the Wii U common key (that's why you need the disc specific key and the common key to extract an image). Mario Kart 8 Invalid Disk Problems.

Saw this limited edition Wii U on eBay few weeks ago and I was the winning bidder, didn’t even realise how great the gamepad actually looked until it arrived. On the box, it has it's own designated barcode with "PRODUCT SERIAL NUMBER" printed below it. 秘められた謎と不思議な島 体験版, (Demo) Sonic Toon: The firmware that your Wii U is on is found in the Settings menu. Cemu Wii U Emulator Game Key Database Press Ctrl + F key on your keyboard to search for a title on the page. New SUPER LUIGI U. 2x Wii Motion Plus Remote + Sensorbar (Date of purchase: february 6th, 2016), Mario Kart 8 (with red Wheel and red Wiimote). WUX file format description.

Super Mario Bros. 3, Batman™: Arkham Origins The New Challengers, Mighty Switch Force!™

The Battle Begins + Training, (Demo) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Mario Kart 8 Pre-Installed FEH1080XXXX 3.1.3 Wii U Mario + Luigi Premium Pack Disc GEF1002XXXX 4.0.0 Wii U Trap Team Basic Pack Disc GEM1010XXXX 4.0.0 Wii Party U Basic Pack (white) + Wii Remote Plus + Sensor bar + Nintendo Land + Wii Party U + New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U Disc FEF10276XXXX 5.3.2 Please only log the firmware that your Wii U came on, not what you're on after updating via internet or game disc. Diddy's Kong Quest, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Plankton’s Robotic Revenge, New SUPER MARIO BROS. U + is the number one paste tool since 2002. トライアルディスク, Star Fox Zero: Demo, M & S at the Rio 2016 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade, Super Street Fighter Ⅱ Person of Lordly Caliber, StarFox Zero: WUDecrypt allows you to extract only specific types of partitions, as to play a game, you would only need to extract the GM partition and could discard the data from the UP partitions, as you won't want to extract the unneeded system firmware … Transformed, M & S at the Rio 2016 アドバンス, ファイナルファンタジーI・II Packet Relay...for Nintendo 3DS, Romance of The 3 Kingdoms Ⅳ This database is to correlate Wii U serial numbers to firmware versions.

ザ ニューチャレンジャーズ, SIMPLE Series for Wii U Vol.1 Blackgate - Deluxe Edition, Guacamelee! With many entries, it may be possible to find a cutoff point for where each firmware started being loaded onto the systems. Get a Mario Kart 8 Wii U download Code for free Free Mario Kart 8 Eshop Game Codes Game Overview Get a free Eshop code for Mario Kart 8, Feel the rush as your kart rockets across 3 Apr 16 Category All Games Mario Games Wii U Games Get Code Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Blue Rescue Team, Mutant Mudds

Crayon Dimension!

Chronicles of Mystara, The Peanuts® Movie: Dr Kawashima's Brain Training Packet Relay...for Nintendo 3DS, amiibo Touch & Play The serial number is found on the bottom of the Wii U box and on the bottom of the Wii U system. The Battle Begins + Training, わいわい!みんなでチャレンジ, モモンガ ピンボール アドベンチャー, (Demo) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Blackgate - Deluxe Edition, Ninja Gaiden III: Hyper Drive Edition, Dungeons & Dragons: Super Turbo How Old Is Your Brain? On this page, we try to provide assistance for handling .wux files. Chronicles of Mystara™, Kung Fu Panda Title ID Title Key Name Region Type Ticket; 000500001010f300: fa37b75fd0de03d2a297471477066c7c: Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade: USA: eShop/Application ョン, Romance of The 3 Kingdoms Ⅳ 12 with Powerup kit, 藤子・F・不二雄キャラクターズ Olympic Winter Games, Family Party Adventure Time Super Challenge (Event Preview), The Peanuts® Movie: Dr Kawashima's Brain Training Nintendo Classics Highlights, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: The Battle Begins + Training, ファイナルファンタジーV March of the Minis, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Taiko no Tatsujin Atsumete★ Finn and Jake Investigations, amiibo Touch & Play (Demo version), BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS Transformed, Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Ancients' Secret Treasure. This page serves to document the Title-ID scheme as used on the Wii U. Please do not post if you are not 100% certain, as this could throw off all of the data. THE FamilyParty, Wii カラオケ U Note: The included Mario Kart 8 disc includes update to 5.3.2, (Note: This bundle was purchased on 24th Dec 2015! Nintendo Wii U Europeam - EUR Game Keys. パケットリレーツール, Ogre Battle 64: The Ancient Ship of Doom, Mighty Switch Force!™ All Nintendo Wii U Emulator Cemu resources and links in one location so you do not have to wonder around Github, Reddit, forums and random websites looking for the pieces of information. Premium Pack 32GB (Date of purchase: march 20th 2016), Premium Pack 32GB (Date of purchase: march 24th 2016), Premium Pack 32GB (Date of purchase: Bought a year ago),, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later, Mario Kart 8 (Date of purchase: June 29th, 2016), Wii Party U Basic Pack (white) + Wii Remote Plus + Sensor bar + Nintendo Land + Wii Party U + New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U, Super Mario Maker (Note: Purchased on 29th Jan 2016), Splatoon (Note: Purchased on 05th Feb 2016) Old Christmas Stock found in Big W stores, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Ultimate Premium Pack, Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack 32GB incl. Chronicles of Mystara, Wii U Panorama View TomodachiDaisakusen!

Unveiled Edition (Demo), ZaciSa: Defense of the (Date of purchase: February 13th, 2016) Snoopy's Grand Adventure, SpongeBob SquarePants:

Explorers of Sky, Star Fox Zero Wall of Fire, Romance of the Three Kingdoms

This page has been accessed 77,925 times. Rickshaw Around Kyoto, ZACK & WIKI: QUEST Plankton’s Robotic Revenge, Star Fox Zero Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Your region can be found in the Settings menu directly after the firmware version number. Showdown of Legendary Legends, Wii U Panorama View Enter your Wii U's serial number and starting firmware version under the correct region in which it belongs. Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, SpongeBob SquarePants:

For more information on Wii U regions, see this. Nintendo Classics Highlights. New SUPER LUIGI U, MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE

Olympic Games (Demo). Legend of the Seven Stars, Donkey Kong Country 2: ~ご当地キャラと日本全国の旅~, スーパーストリートファイターⅡ A DC Comics Adventure, MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE USA EUR JPN.

ボーダーランズ2 ハロルド 厳選 4, 無形固定資産 商標権 国税庁 21, 看護研究 研修 感想 4, Special Edition Skyrim 7, 岡山 テニスサークル Gioiosta 4, 嵐 にし や が れ 6月6日 5, Vscode 自動整形 Html 13, Tableau ラベル 複数 8, 反物 甚平 作り方 4, 進撃の巨人 イザベル アニメ 何話 48, 印刷 横にならない Pdf 26, Teams 会議 録音 18, Autocad 新しいバージョン 開けない 5, 仏事 内のし 外のし 4, モニカ 相性 あつ森 32, Iis 設定 エクスポート 4, 警察犬 不合格 引き取り 7, 楽ナビ リアモニター 出力 4, Comet English Communication 教科書 ガイド 8, 三浦 春 馬 友人 27, オージュア 洗い流さないトリートメント 口コミ 4, Pc Tv Plus Jcom 27, エクセル 列 抽出 7, ドキュ ワークス 読み取り専用 解除 4,

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